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July 22, 2014Here is a great interview conducted by Ray Peden of the Middle Atlantic Open Water Swimming Committee with the 2014 10K Open Water National Champion, Andrew Gemmell.  The Delaware online article is here

July 17, 2014  Middle Atlantic Swimming is pleased to announce the hiring of Michael Seip as the Director of Competition.  The Director of Competition post was recently created in order to strengthen the administration of club-hosted meets and to broaden the administrative and technical assistance available to all Middle Atlantic clubs.   In this new role, Mike will immediately begin to oversee the Middle Atlantic Meet Director Certification program and assume the duties of the Sanctioning Chair for all club-hosted meets.  He will work in conjunction with various Board members and committee chairs to support our safety programs, develop the annual meet schedule, oversee schedule changes, coordinate changes to scheduled meets and serve as a clearing house for meet related questions.  He will also work with our hosts of Approved and Observed meets to coordinate schedules and requests.Mike-Seip

Mike is no stranger to Middle Atlantic Swimming.  He  has served the organization in many capacities over the past 25 years, most recently as General Chair.  He has over thirty-five years of professional swimming experience (i.e., Head Coach, Meet Director, Club Director/CEO, Club Developer, Facility Designer, Facility Manager, Public School Educator and USA Swimming Volunteer), and possesses the knowledge, experience and work ethic to lead  a growing LSC toward a bright competitive future.  His entire career has been focused on competitive swimming.  He has mentored, coached and fostered thousands of swimmers, coaches, and colleagues to meet their full potential.  A lifetime of swimming excellence is reflected in his fourteen-year swimming career as well as his professional work experiences.  On the national scene, Mike has represented Middle Atlantic Swimming as a delegate to the USA Swimming Convention, a member of several national committees and currently, a national committee chair.   Mike has built relationships with swimming professionals from all over the United States.  He will utilize these relationships and network of swimming professionals to ensure Middle Atlantic Swimming is strategically planning the future with a standard of excellence second to none.  To contact Mike directly, email

July 17, 2014  The Middle Atlantic Swimming 2014-2015 Competition Schedule is here

July 17, 2014  Looking for a few good volunteers!  We know it’s only summer but if you are in school and need service/volunteer hours the Middle Atlantic Diversity Committee is a great  way to get those hours in! We run events throughout the year (mostly in the Spring)  that will allow you to help younger swimmers, reach out into the community and give back to the sport. We have no age limit with volunteers, if you want to help, we can always find something for you to do. We also need some good people for our committee. We need swimmers, parents, and or coaches. The only requirement is you must be member of USA Swimming. We have monthly conference calls and would love some active participants with great ideas and enthusiasm. If you are interested in  volunteering please contact Danielle Bordi at Also keep your eyes and ears open, we will be having a great diversity event for swimmers, parents and coaches this September with special guest Jenny Withycombe, an NCAA Diversity Specialist. She runs a fun, enthusiastic and interactive diversity workshop that can help us continue to be leaders in the pool on the deck and in our community! Please email Danielle to stay informed when more information about this event comes up and keep checking with website. The Diversity Committee is also on Facebook like us at

June 6, 2014     Applications for the 2013-14 SAA recognition program are now available here.  This membership recognition program is for USA Swimming student-athletes who have completed the 10th – 12th grades in 2013-14 and have swum a qualifying pool time or competed in one of four designated Disability meets or the USA Swimming National Open Water Championships which will be held June 13th and 15th in Castaic Lake, CA.  Applicants must have at least a 3.5 GPA for the current academic year and a school transcript for the year is needed before applying for SAA.  To apply for SAA, use this link 

May 7, 2014     Middle Atlantic Records have been updated - Here is the updated list as of 5/1/14. Corrections or questions should be e-mailed to our Records Chairman

April 7, 2014  Attention MA Graduating Class of 2014Send us your College/University selections and we will publish your selections here  (

March 18, 2013 - The 2013-2014 Middle Atlantic Top 10 Release #4 has been updated here.  Further updates will be made on May 1st for the short course season. The current USA Swimming Bi-Weekly National Top 10 is here.  The 2013 Long Course Top 10 is available here

February 12, 2014 -  Updated Middle Atlantic Swimming’s IMX Rankings for 2014 here

September 23, 2013 - Attention Unattached and Club swimmers:  Beginning this fall USA Swimming, not the Middle Atlantic office, will mail to all swimmers their athlete membership cards.  It is imperative that each swimmer’s first name, middle initial (if s/he has one), last name, birth date, and home mailing address is spelled legibly and correctly as only 1 card will be mailed each year to each swimmer.  Unattached swimmers (those not affiliated with a club) will continue to mail their registration forms and payments directly to the Middle Atlantic Swimming office.  Club athletes will continue to register through their clubs.

The athlete member cards, in the form of a bag tag, will be sent directly from USA Swimming beginning mid-October and in batches about every two weeks thereafter.  Specifically, each athlete member card will include the following information:  Athlete’s preferred name, ID, registration date, member expiration date.  Note:  No club name or LSC will be listed on the card and only 1 card will be issued per year for each athlete.  Deck Pass and the club portal will reflect any change in registration.

If you would like to check your registration or need verification of your membership after you’ve renewed your membership this year but before you receive your card, you may access it individually through Deck Pass  on a mobile device or, beginning this fall, on any computer through Deck Pass .  Club administrators and/or registrars may also access a watermarked athlete roster 24/7  through their individual club portals.  New this year:  Club administrators and/or club registrars can also see individual transfer attachment dates IF the swimmer has sent in his/her transfer form and payment (if needed) to the MA office.


The changes to the online Athlete Protection Training (APT) requirement, which are outlined below, will take place on or around September 1st (that’s the target date). Remember that the APT is a requirement for all non-athlete members.

  • APTs expiring September thru December 2013: will be extended to 12/31/13
  • APTs expiring in 2014: will be extended to 12/31/14
  • APTs expiring in 2015: will be extended to 12/31/15

The APT will need to be done every membership year, not every other year. This will go into effect as each member renews his/her APT effective 9/1/13. Members with a 2014 or 2015 APT expiration date won’t need to renew it until that time but it will then need to be done with every membership year. (See the examples below.)

The expiration date will always be 12/31 and it will be computed based on the same way that our membership year is determined:

  • If you take the APT between September 1 – December 31, it will be valid until 12/31 of the following year.
  • If you take the APT between January 1 – August 31, it will be valid until 12/31 of the current year.

The extensions to 12/31 will be done automatically in SWIMS sometime around 9/1/2013, however a new membership card will not be automatically generated. Coaches and Officials can refer to Deck Pass  to see their correct expiration dates until they receive their 2014 membership cards.

April  9, 2013     Online Report of Occurrence Form - Over a year ago, USA Swimming implemented the ONLINE Report of Occurrence form. The paper copies of the incident report are no longer used.  Some of our member clubs may not have been properly informed of our new online system when it began. We continue to get paper copies that may still be posted on the club websites or in their safety manuals.   We ask that the club personnel notify all their staff and volunteers of the Online Report of Occurrence form that is found at this easy to use link on the USA Swimming website:  The incident reports no longer need to be submitted in triplicate as in the past (USA Swimming, Risk Management Services, LSC Safety Chair). They only need to be submitted one time into the online system.

February 8, 2013  USA Swimming released its first-ever Safe Sport Handbook to help  members implement safe sport practices at LSC level.  The Safe Sport Handbook includes detailed information on USA Swimming policies, guidelines, best practices, strategies and tools. It will be an invaluable tool for all USA Swimming members and clubs and is available online. The handbook will also be mailed to each of USA Swimming’s member clubs.

November 14, 2012  Meeting Minutes from MA Board meetings can be found here.  The list of Middle Atlantic Committees is here

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